Global Consulting Services

Bethany Global Consulting Services leverage the professionalism, integrity, and expertise of Bethany staff to advance the missions of other organizations dedicated to protecting children internationally. If you’re looking to strengthen your group’s global outreach, we can help.

Based on the premise that children are best served in families, Bethany Christian Services places more children with permanent adoptive families each year than any other private agency in the United States. Building on this success, Bethany Global brings the same family-centered approach to over a dozen countries on five continents. We pioneered the foster-to-adopt system in Africa, where communities had no previous tradition of caring for unrelated children. Today, our programs affect the lives of over 66,000 children annually worldwide.

Only a family can provide the stable, intimate environment required for children to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well as physically. Bethany Global Consulting Service will help you develop the programs required to place and keep children in families.

Partnership Empowers Your Organization to Create Lasting Change

Bethany is committed to meaningful, sustainable interventions that support the welfare of children worldwide. Our consulting service will help your organization:

  1. Realize the benefits of a holistic approach integrating practical, economic, emotional, and spiritual forms of support.
  2. Improve services to meet international standards of practice in child and family welfare.
  3. Increase the financial sustainability of your project or program.
  4. Increase your organization’s visibility among local communities.
  5. Maintain ownership of your project or program.

Take advantage of the expertise, professionalism, and innovation that have made Bethany a trusted partner internationally. Bethany Global Consulting Services will take your child welfare initiative to the next level.

Phase One: Assessment

The Assessment phase of Bethany’s Global Consulting Service provides a snapshot of what is and isn’t working in your current program so that you can determine the best ways to serve orphans and vulnerable children.

Beginning with this phase will help ensure that your organization achieves the desired program goals and that those goals are appropriate for the community you serve. A list of detailed recommendations will help you serve that community more effectively both immediately and in the long term.

determine the best ways to serve orphans and vulnerable children

Phase Two: Development & Implementation

The second phase of Bethany’s Global Consulting Service builds on the momentum acquired from the Assessment phase to explore and weigh alternatives and determine actions. This measured, efficient approach allows you to move forward with confidence, knowing you’ve considered all the options. The result is a detailed work plan for turning your dreams into reality.

Bethany’s approach to Program Development and Implementation starts with a clear, shared interpretation of the situation. Ideally, this comes from data collected during the Assessment phase, which includes valuable insights from community stakeholders. We also work from a set of parameters connected to the desired outcomes for the program. That way, you can be assured that the recommended actions will move you toward your goals.

Phase Three: Management & Evaluation

Once a program is underway, Bethany’s Global Consulting Service can help the organization manage and evaluate the program for long-term success. Organizational staff, community leaders, and other stakeholders are still responsible for implementing the program — Bethany staff merely act as coaches, offering guidance and support from the sidelines. To help organizations manage programs effectively, Bethany staff leads regular meetings throughout the project life span. These meetings provide an opportunity to:

  • review progress
  • recognize and celebrate successes
  • recognize and address challenges
  • readjust program elements to better capitalize on successes and overcome challenges

They also provide a forum for the project team to ask questions and air concerns that may benefit from Bethany staff’s expertise and counsel.

Bethany will help manage and evaluate the program for long-term success

Phase Four: Sustainability

The fourth phase focuses on Sustainability — ensuring the program continues to run smoothly. The right people, structures, and strategies must all be in place to ensure ongoing success. Organizations participating in the first three phases of Bethany’s Global Consulting Service will have already established an enduring foundation on which future achievements can build.

Many a program has lost its momentum once the initial goal was reached. Bethany’s Global Consulting Service wants to keep that from happening. We work with organizations to secure the three pillars of program sustainability:

  1. Leadership — We make sure the program has strong, visible, ongoing support from leaders and key community stakeholders.
  2. Resources — We assess employee resource needs and develop support mechanisms such as training and coaching.
  3. Goals — We set goals for the program and its staff, sharing feedback and addressing any performance issues.

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